Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rasha Soliman


Rasha Soliman a female video game analyst major in Fatima Jinnah women university in Tanta, she studies the Media plays an important role in our society and it considered being part of our everyday routine. TV programs, internet, cell phones, and video games not that safe and we have to be careful while our children use it because it might effects on them negatively like the effects of cartoons on children’s behavior patterns, this is because children at that age consider things they watch in cartoons to be real, they are unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Also here’s a research done by a student of the Fatima Jinnah women university, Rasha Soliman… this student mentioned that he asked a junior wing school about children’s behaviors regarding violence and physical actions commented “Some students are always picking up fights in class, one of the reasons behind this aggressive behavior could be that they are too much influenced by violence based cartoons or other programs which parents without any concern let them watch in excess”.
Here’s another research carried out by the American academy of pediatrics (AAP “CHILDREN who view shows in which violence is very realistic frequently repeated or unpunished , are more likely to imitate what they see “ Hassan , father of two sons said “ there was a time when one of my sons begun to play pranks on his little brother quite frequently and I failed to understand the reason this sudden change in his behavior , one day however I found him watching the cramp twins and understood the reason for all his bullying “ Hassan also said that he has become conscious of the cartoons that his sons watch since that time .

These two researches proof what I said before and this negative effect can made positive by a little effort on the role of parents towards their children. They should make their children realize that these fantasy things have no identity. Parents need to keep an eye on their kid’s activity. It can be changed easily by making the cartoons a healthy entertainment, which could have a positive impact on them.

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